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Let is Celebration

Celebrations of the World

The themes of unity eight were dealing with celebrations in the world throughout the year. I am going to precente two holidays that despite being very different people await the arrival with entuciasmo, such as child paraduras of Venezuelan tradition of the Andean places, and a celebration known worldwide Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Venezuelan Traditions

The paraduras of Child

One of the traditions emblematic of the Venezuelan Andes, is Paradura of the Child, a celebration that takes place in the days after the Christmas Eve, especially throughout the month of January to February 2, the day of Candelaria. This tradition, motivated by a promise offered by the Baby Jesus or simply a figure of worship holy child, involves a ritual that is to "stop" the child's crib and move on the trail, with the participation of one or more pairs of godparents A rezandero, musicians, singers, devotees and guests in general.

The development of ritual traditionally involves various ceremonial events, such as ride, kiss, and paradura adoration of the child. In all the music plays a leading role. The songs, usually intonation two voices are accompanied by string instruments like the violin, four and guitar. Among the songs is the style of ballads, romances and tenths for the mystical moments, and of bonuses and parranda for the ride and moments of jolgorio. Today, holding Paraduras of the Child has transcended the Andean sphere, and has spread to various cities throughout the country. This led in part to the dedication they have maintained the tradition in this Andean by the localities where they have seen the need to migrate, for the widespread acceptance that has earned this name: Republic of expression among the other regions.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The first carnival was held in Rio in 1600 following the traditions of European Entrudo. The celebration of Carnival is part of the roots and traditions of the inhabitants of Brazil.

For months is done extensive work for the preparation of the Carnival, which includes the development of suits, trials of the presentations of Samba Schools. The whole city is mobilized and is preparing to welcome tourists with the hottest style carioca. The festival begins Friday evening and lasts until the following Tuesday. During those days attendees wasting joy and dancing through the streets of Rio. The most important festival is the parade of samba schools that performed in the Sambódromo in downtown Rio de Janeiro, which is considered the largest and most joyful feast of the world, creating an indescribable amount of emotions in assistants. The parade is characterized also by the costumes and floats that will parade and the frenetic pace of batteries that guide the steps of the dancers from schools Cariocas. Also, some of the floats small groups danced to the beat of the music.

Millions of people attending the Sambódromo to enjoy this wonderful spectacle, while millions more will delight in this wonderful celebration on television. Carnival is the world's largest


The Inventions of Man

This in an issue of the unity of the number seven English book which speaks of inventions that have brought us to tecnologuia we have today. I will precente an apparatus that marked the history Industries.

The typewriters

In the nineteenth century had already been expanded work in offices and the use of dependents and holders of books on desks. All documents were made in handwritten form, so that some correspondence chain, for many recipients was slow and tedious task, and supplies a great deal of time to scribe. But much more was needed to continue to grow in the business world. In the year 1874 is introduced into the work of offices, the Remington typewriter with the so-called QWERTY keyboard, which was designed by typographer U.S.

Latha Scholes in 1873 (who previously had invented a machine to print the numbers and from there develops his model, managed to make some thirty different copies, but failed the mechanical part as well as being enormous, aspects that settled the Remington factory to acquire the rights), and he had alienated among themselves over the letters used in English to give faster the typing. The carriage return was the top role until the next line.

It was in 1876 when the industrial Philo Remington began selling the typewriters with his name, having bought the patent machines Scholes, Glidden and Soule, and having adapted, achieving a smaller and easier to handle. Then, late in the twentieth century were moving up the electric typewriter with artificial memory. The emergence of the copier, the recorder, fax, computer, simplifying and speeding were increasingly such tasks. The typewriter, starting in 1874 is industrially produced, and easy handling allowed the entry of women into office work. In the modern world managed to be a factor of liberating women from working class and a half, making obtaining some family and economic independence. He offered a resource and simultaneously contributed more to the personal independence that campaigns of equal social rights. Although both took a while, almost at the dawn of the twentieth century, so that offices were populated by women employed clerks.

It was one of the most useful and essential in the modern office of the twentieth century, until the last decade that was totally displaced by the computer.